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    Subways & Serpents: Toronto Underground

    35 CAD


    Subways & Serpents is a chaotic, fast paced, 'hunt or be hunted' board game that takes place on an expanded version of Toronto's existing subway lines.  Choose your favorite Crew of Toronto personalities, round up some friends and hit the subway tunnels.  No two games are ever the same - but they're always fun! 

    The good people of Toronto finally got the expanded Subway system they’d been waiting for.  Getting across town is quick and easy!  Or, it would be, if the tunnel excavation didn’t unleash hordes of bloodthirsty Serpents... 

    Now, cutthroat Crews of Serpent Exterminators have been brought in to clear out the Subway tunnels - and that’s where you come in.  You’re in charge of a Crew that has to ride the rails, eradicate Serpent Nests, take down enormous Serpents and do battle with rival Crews looking to steal their loot!  And, your Crew has to move fast, the first Crew of Serpent Exterminators to collect a full day’s pay wins.

    Ages 10 & up, for 3-6 players.  Includes:

    • 18x18" Game Board
    • 3 Serpent Nest Grids
    • 1 Rule Booklet
    • 6 Crew Card Decks
    • 6 Player Markers
    • 8 Serpent Markers
    • 12 Serpent Nest Markers
    • 9 Train Tokens
    • 13 $500 Bills
    • 17 $250 Bills
    • 6 White Dice
    • 1 Red Die
    • 1 Green Die